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〈Wavy and Ombré Hair〉

〈Wavy and Ombré Hair〉 Hello!We are international Hair salon and cafe in Yokohama. . IF! Getting bored with your hair color Let's try "Ombre Hair" in our salon!!It is easy to try! Have a good holiday^^

. -------------------------------------------------- ・Point Color・・・・・・・・3000yen ポイントカラー ・bleach・・・・・・・・・・4000yen ブリーチ ・Manicure・・・・・・・・・6000yen マニキュア ・Whole Color・・・・・・・・6500yen 全体カラー ・Retouch Color・・・・・・・5500yen リタッチカラー -------------------------------------------------- . Hair&Cafe M.A.T TEL : 045-873-6653 HP : MAIL : For appointment by Phone call or Email